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Creating and Sustaining Digital collections at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) A partnership with the HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) Alliance, a coalition of HBCU library deans and directors, to foster the research and teaching of scholars specializing in African-American Studies, the American South, American Democracy, cultural pluralism and other related discipline.   More >> Other Universities and University Libraries
Data Conservancy Project Together with Carl Lagoze, Information Science, the Cornell University Library is working with Johns Hopkins University on the National Science Foundation funded Data Conservancy, a DataNet project, to build a data research infrastructure for the management of the ever-increasing amounts of digital information created for teaching and research. More >> Other Universities and University Libraries
Library Intervention Strategies for Doctoral Students in the Humanities A pilot study, in collaboration with our 2CUL partner, the Columbia University Libraries, to assess humanities doctoral students needs and to determine what academic libraries can do to help lower their attrition rates and improve time-to-completion. More >> Other Universities and University Libraries
Strengthening the Academic Library to Enhance Agriculture Education With funding from USAID awarded to the Cornell University International Programs at the College of Agriculture of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Mann Library and the Banaras Hindu University Library (BHU) in Varanasi, India are partnering to help support libraries of state agricultural universities in India involved in the Agricultural Innovation Partnership (AIP) consortium. Mann and the BHU library will share expertise in managing digital information resources, an area of particular strength for Mann, in order to expand active cyber literacy skills widely in the research, extension and farming communities. Two Indian librarians will be at Cornell in July and August 2012 to be immersed in information literacy and public computing training, and a larger group of Indian librarians will come for similar training in summer 2013. More >> Other Universities and University Libraries
Ahead of the Curve: Mentoring for Emerging Careers in eScience Librarianship Cornell University Library (CUL) is partnering with the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University (SU) to support its eScience Fellows Program through a mentorship program for enrolled students. The program provides students with opportunities for involvement with world-class science libraries and innovative eScience projects. The eScience Librarianship program, a specialized curriculum within SU’s MS in Library and Information Science program, is designed to prepare students for professional roles supporting scientific practice and communication in eScience environments. Curriculum components include scientific data management, data and collaboration technologies, data services, workflows, and metadata for scientific data sets. The overarching goals of the mentorship program are to provide students with the opportunity to gain exposure to the practice of science and eScience librarianship, and develop career skills and professional contacts. More >> Previous Partnerships
Conservation and Digitization of the Trials Pamphlet Collection at Cornell University Library A project to conserve and digitize the 321 pamphlets in the Trials Pamphlet collection at the Cornell University Law Library. The pamphlets range in date from the late 1600s to the late 1800s. As a collection, these trial pamphlets capture a formative period in American history from the early years of the republic, through the turmoil of the Civil War, to the emergence of the United States as a leading industrial nation in the late 1800s. Because cases were not officially reported on until the 1830s, the collection is one of the few ways to research trials from the 18th and early 19th centuries. The project will ensure in-person access to the original artifact at Cornell and provide worldwide access to the collection via the Internet. With funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Park Service through the Save America's Treasures program. See the project web page For additional information contact Barbara Eden <>. More >> Previous Partnerships
DataStaR A data staging repository and services to support collaboration and data sharing among researchers during the research process, and to promote publishing or archiving data and high-quality metadata in both discipline‐specific data centers and Cornell's own institutional repository, eCommons. More >> Previous Partnerships