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Staff profile: Patrizia Sione

Helping students appreciate the complexity of the human record.

Who she is: Patrizia Sione, research archivist at the Kheel Center, which is part of the the Hotel, Labor and Management Library.

Staff profile: Chew Chiat Naun

How is cataloging similar to philosophy and engineering?

Who he is: Chew Chiat Naun, director of cataloging and metadata services

Staff profile: Rhea Garen

Shedding light on Cornell's most amazing hidden collections.

Who she is: Rhea Garen, Media Associate in Digital Scholarship and Preservation Services

Staff profile: Pedro Arroyo

How do you set up the online catalog for searching success?

Who he is: Pedro Arroyo, acquisitions coordinator for Library Technical Services (LTS)

Staff profile: Jim DelRosso

How can the Library take digital projects to the next level?

Who he is: I'm the digital projects coordinator for the Hospitality, Labor, and Management Library. This coming year, I’m also one of the Digital Scholarship Fellows.

Staff profile: Danielle Mericle

How do you combine your creative passion with your professional life?

Who she is: Danielle Mericle, director of the Digital Media Group

Staff profile: Beth Kelly

How do you choose the right words to make music findable?

Who she is: Beth Kelly, music cataloger

Staff profile: Ken Bolton

What do a librarian and an air traffic controller have in common?

Ken Bolton

Who he is: Ken Bolton, research librarian at the School of Hotel Administration

Staff profile: Gabriela Castro Gessner

Seeing an outsider's perspective through the eyes of a librarian/anthropologist...

Who she is: Gabriela Castro Gessner, research and assessment analyst

Statistics help at Mann

"I recommend talking to the people at the Statistical Consulting Unit at the desk in Mann. They give great advice and really helped me to prepare for a seminar I gave in my department."

- Jessica Bliss, graduate student in the Division of Nutrional Sciences