Cornell Lecture Tapes Collection (2017)

Investigator: Boris Michev, Map and Media Library

Preservation Fund, 2017

This project aims to digitize a subset of the Cornell Lecture Tapes Collection. Taken individually or as a group, the recorded presentations exist as historical documents, important to the study of political and cultural life in the late‐twentieth century. The Cornell Lecture Tapes Collection documents the ideas and policies of remarkable thinkers. It is a large archive of public lectures and symposia in which speakers articulate their ideas, clarify theories, debate issues, and respond to questions. Umberto Eco, Henry Louis Gates, Nikki Giovanni, Jürgen Habermas, Alex Haley, Timothy Leary, Edward Said, Isaac Bashevis Singer, W. D. Snodgrass, Nancy Spero and Eudora Welty are just a few of the presenters whose voices and ideas are preserved in this collection.

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