Instruction Support

Access to quality information is at the heart of an informed and engaged citizenry. As more information floods the information landscape, worrisome information pervades. When does information become misinformation or disinformation? What makes information credible? Our information literacy librarians cover the theoretical, methodological, and practical concepts and skills needed to efficiently and ethically find, evaluate, and use information from and within a variety of contexts.

Whether it’s a session about leveraging library resources for research in a particular topic area, or using our special collection materials in your teaching, our librarians will work with you to develop customized instruction tailored to your topic area or course goals.

  • Make syllabus substitutions. Find alternative readings or authors to diversify sources.
  • Discover materials that are available online or are open source. Find newly available online content through the library or let us help you find a resource that resides in the public domain.
  • Tailor library instruction for your students. Invite a librarian to visit your class or section and help get your students on the right track, with a session customized to the needs of your course.
  • Use digital tools. Learn about new online tools, like Tableau for data visualizations or QGIS through our live or recorded workshops.
  • Arrange a special collections visit. Our curators, archivists, and other specialists can join your class to lead a session on using primary sources from Cornell Library’s collections.
  • Embed a librarian in your Canvas site. Get set up with a Canvas Course Librarian.

Request course instruction and we can connect you with the appropriate librarian for your department or program.