Weekly Co-Working at the CoLab

Spring 2023 Co-Working Hours

Fridays 1-3pm in the Digital CoLab, Olin Library 701

Co-working — What is it?

A time set aside for you to work on — and find support for — digital forms of scholarship that may include:

  • Designing digital exhibits or digital publications
  • Making maps
  • Getting started with computational text analysis
  • Experimenting with network analysis
  • Designing databases
  • Finding or preparing data with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), APIs, webscraping or other methods. (Words are data too!)
  • Troubleshooting or remixing Python or R code for any of the above tasks. 

It can be hard to find time to make progress on digital projects, especially in isolation.
Through co-working, we will offer each other structure, community, and space to focus on new forms of scholarship and developing new skills..

What Does a Session Look Like? 

  1. A quick round of introductions and (totally optional!) intention-setting. Say your name and area of DH interest. If you want to, say what you plan to work on during the session, and if there’s anything particular you’re looking for help with. 
  2. Everyone works on their stuff.
  3. Have a question? Just speak up. Library staff are there to talk with you about your project – and so are your peers. This is an environment where eavesdropping and butting in are encouraged! It’s a good place to gather feedback and multiple perspectives.

Who Is Invited?

Any Cornell faculty, staff, or student with a digital project or digital learning underway from the humanities or interpretive social sciences.