Proxy Borrower

Proxy Borrowers are persons who have been authorized by a faculty or staff member to borrow library materials in the faculty or staff member’s name.  Any person may be authorized as a proxy (not limited to Cornell students and staff). The faculty or staff member will remain solely responsible for the return of the materials borrowed by their proxies, and will receive all library notices for those materials (recall notices, courtesy reminders, availability notices, overdue notices and fine/fee statements). A faculty/staff member may authorize multiple proxies. The period of authorization may be any length of time up to one year (renewable annually upon request).

To authorize a proxy, contact the Library Public Services office,, 116 Olin Library, (607) 255-5069; or contact Mann Library Circulation at Please supply the following information:

  • Your name, department and Cornell ID number
  • The name of your proxy
  • If your proxy is a Cornell student, faculty or staff member, please give their Cornell Net ID
  • If your proxy is not a Cornell student, faculty or staff member, please give their postal address and phone number
  • Expiration date of the authorization (up to one year)

Checking Out Books

  • If the proxy is a Cornell-affiliated person, they need only present their Cornell ID card and tell the library staff that they are checking out books for you. It is not necessary for the proxy to have your Cornell ID number. The Library will verify the proxy relationship and charge out the books to your account.
  • If the proxy is not a Cornell affiliated person, they will be issued a Proxy ID card by the Library, and will present that card to check out books in your name.  It is not necessary for the proxy to have your Cornell ID number.
  • Proxies who are Cornell-affiliated and have borrowing privileges in their own right, and who borrow books using their own credentials, will remain personally responsible for any materials so obtained.  Proxies who are not Cornell-affiliated do not have library privileges of their own.

If you have any questions about proxy authorization, or questions about materials checked out through a proxy, please contact the Library Public Services office, 116 Olin Library,; or the Mann Library Circulation office at