Library Branding

This brand guide articulates a clear visual identity for Cornell University Library. This guide, when used consistently in all aspects of communications, will help our audiences recognize our multi-faceted Library and navigate our myriad spaces, services, and resources. Our brand guidelines align with and complement Cornell University’s brand guidelines.

Using the Cornell University Library Brand

The Cornell University Library brand is composed of the Cornell seal and the library wordmark locked in their relative positions, referred to as the lockup. The lockup is to be used for all library communications and assets. Online, the seal must always be represented at a minimum height of 120 pixels. For responsive representation, see web examples for mobile guidelines. In print the height of the seal must be greater than 3/4″.

Cornell University Library logo with seal


Acceptable color variations are represented below. Use the red lockup whenever possible.

Red for white or light background | See downloads

Cornell University Library logo with red seal

Black for light background when red doesn’t contrast | See downloads

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is BlackLockup.jpg

White for dark background | See downloads

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is WhiteOnDarkBG.jpg

Unit Libraries and Departments

Unit libraries and departments use the Cornell University Library brand as their primary brand in print and online (see examples). Separate unit library or department logos are not permitted, however, graphic assets can be used as design elements as long as they do not interfere with Cornell University Library branding of the unit libraries.

Minimum Representation

To be used in print or on merchandise only, not digital: When it is not possible to use the entire lockup due to production parameters, use the minimum wordmark.

One line

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wrapped.jpg

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University brand guidelines

Visit Cornell University Brand Center for guidelines and resources relating to use of the seal, color palettes, and all related branding policies that apply to the university and its colleges, schools, and units within.


Please contact us if third party specs do not allow for the use of the brand marks as defined in these guidelines. Also for design assistance, help accessing the content on this page, or any other questions, contact Library Communications.

Web Examples

Cornell University Library website

Cornell University Library website with red lockup

Unit Library Websites

Sites That Have Their Own Titles

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4


For the responsive version use the red or white Cornell reduced lockup against the contrasting white or red background, with the Library mobile wordmark against a white background as shown.

Download Cornell reduced lockups from Cornell University Brand Center Downloads. Download the Library mobile wordmark from Box.

Print and Presentations



PowerPoint cover slide with Cornell University at sunset
PowerPoint cover slide with art figures in the background

Business Cards and Letterhead

Cornell University Library business card and letterhead


Lockups and wordmark

Red lockup

Black lockup

Use on light backgrounds when red doesn’t contrast

White lockup

Use on dark backgrounds when red doesn’t contrast

Mobile wordmark

Use against white background

Minimum one line

Print or merchandise only

Minimum wrapped

Print or merchandise only

PowerPoint templates

Presentation A

Cornell University Library level

Presentation B

Unit or department level

Video bumpers

Intro/outro red

Intro/outro other